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Why choose us?

Why would you buy an e-bike at Ostrichoo? We summarize our strengths for you:


30 minutes charging


Our top-quality e-bikes have an ultra-short charging time of only 30 minutes and that is the the fastest charging time of all e-bikes currently on the market. You can literally wait for it. The battery has a range of 40 km on average and is then fully charged again within half an hour. Did you forget to charge the battery last night and do you have to go to work? No problem. While you prepare to leave with a fresh shower and a hearty breakfast, the battery of your Ostrichoo e-bike is fully charged. When you are ready to leave, your e-bike is ready for a hassle-free ride to your final destination for that day.

The best super-capacitors for super-fast charging

Ostrichoo e-bikes use super-capacitors, which clearly have advantages over a normal lithium battery. The most important assets:

Your e-bike comes with a supercharger, a special charger that optimally charges the battery in record time.

Sustainable e-bike

If you buy an Ostrichoo e-bike, you opt for sustainability. You have to be able to rely on an e-bike, it can't let it down. That is also why you choose this top quality Dutch product.

The Ostrichoo e-bike has been developed in the Netherlands, the cycling country par excellence. We, Dutch people, know how to make cycling as sustainable and functional as possible. Back to basics, that's what our competitively priced e-bike is all about. Our customers must be able to rely on their bikes without it ever being defective in the shed. That is why we prefer functional reliability for the Ostrichoo e-bike, what makes this electric bike what it is: a reliable means of transport for daily use.

4-year warranty on the battery

Because we, at Ostrichoo, have full confidence in our products, we are the only one on the e-bike market that gives you a 4-year warranty on the battery. We use a super-capacitor for our e-bikes that not only charges super-fast but also lasts twice as long as an average battery (in lifetime). We use disc brakes for our e-bikes that enable you to make an immediate emergency stop instead of regular brake pads. After all, you must always be able to rely on the brakes on your e-bike. And our e-bikes are equipped with Shimano gears that deliver top performance and are easy to maintain.

Powerful rear motor

The powerful rear motor makes riding the bike more fun, especially for people who like to ride fast. Whoop to your work on your Ostrichoo e-bike in record time and arrive relaxed at your final destination.

Efficient rear motor

The own manufacture rear motor is a real hit for our bikes. We are therefore proud that we can mount this powerhouse on our e-bikes. Our rear motor is many times more efficient than a front or middle motor. This reliable motor ensures that you accelerate quickly and effortlessly climb hills and bridges. You have the option to cycle fully electrical, so the chance that you will get sweaty at work when cycling against the Dutch wind is considerably reduced. 


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